Stamp-a-Faire 2015 – Friday Night Fashion Show


The following is the quote from the papertrey ink website.  Helps me keep grounded on what I was suppose to do!!!!!


We are going to kick things off by giving you the opportunity to show off your fashion sense, as demonstrated by your crafting skills!. Customers are invited to alter a white t-shirt in any way they see fit.  You can stamp on it, stitch die-cut felt shapes onto it, add ribbons and buttons, color on it, the sky is the limit!  Then add a photo of your shirt (or you wearing your shirt!) to an InLinkz List that will be available here on the blog.  You can share your photos by adding a link from your blog, Instagram, YouTube or whatever outlet you prefer. You can also show off your Stamp-a-faire supplies/set-up or share a quick photo of your Stamp-a-faire groups that might have gotten together early, where you are in your journey or what you are doing to prepare for the next day etc…

PLAN NOW to take lots of photos to share!  Don’t forget to pick up a white t-shirt!  A generous Papertrey Ink gift certificate will be up for grabs!!!  And you’ll have a chance at being featured on the red carpet at the end of the event!

Oh!  And I almost neglected to mention that the the Design Team along with myself will be providing extra special entertainment for you that night!  You will not want to miss this!  Trust me!

OK Challenged met, got the white t-shirt and pondered for days and days on what to make.  

An elegant white tshirt with cascading rhinestones.   Too simple, done too many times

A white tshirt with machine embroidery on it.   Although lovely, kinda feels like I did not put enough of myself into the project

A white tshirt with iron on designs made from my cricut.  I thought of using the papertrey ink tree with leaves and doing all sorts of felt and embroidery…. hmmmm maybe.   Darn my cricut needs updating and I don’t have that iron on stuff, scratch that idea.

OK How about a white tshirt make with rosettes from the t-shirt…painted with fabric paint…..maybe soft like shabby chic….maybe make it into a jacket…..with some antique buttons…..YES!!!  That is is.   Certainly nothing I have made before and certainly that would stretch my crafting skills.   So lets get started!!!!!


Started with a plain white tshirt and folded it in half


Then drew a line on the tshirt to give it the bolo jacket look.  Then cut it.  Yikes, cutting up a shirt.   SSOSSOOOOOOOO out of my comfort zone.   Plunge ahead Karen, just keep cutting.


Ok right about this time, I realized that my tshirt was way too thin to hold all the stuff I was planning on adding, So I took the other tshirt from the package and sewed them together.

At this point I would like to thank my Mother for teaching me to sew.  I was able to double it up without any errors, puckers or issues.   That comes from sewing most of my life   My Mother use to sit us girls down when we were just wee ones and have us sew big old buttons onto paper bags with a yarn needle and yarn.   My Mother was an avid sewer and would make us kids the most awesome halloween costumes every year.   MOMS ROCK!!!!!


Daubing tshirt

I cut strips of the tshirt fabric and daubed Tim Holtz Victorian Velvet paint on the tshirt.  This stuff will stay forever on fabric.   Ask me how I know.  Once I was done painting and it dried, I was then able to twist the strips to create roses.   I then sewed them together so they stayed rolled up!

I then created a felt collar to hold the roses and buttons.  Please note that this project had to be made while eating Milk Duds.   No other snack would do.

Tshirt flowers

Here are the roses placed on one of the felt (by the way, this is washable felt made from recycled bottles or something).  I arranged the roses and then made additional stips of just plain white tshirts and scrunched them up by sewing down the middle of the strips and pulling the threads.

As you can see here, they are all inserted into the blank spaces and it creates a victorian shabby chic sort of look.  I think Melissa Phillips may actually admire my works of art, make sure you tell her to look at my design!!!!

Then as a finishing touch, I added Papertrey Ink’s White and Cream buttons to the shirt.

As you can see in this close up how I twisted and rolled the strips into roses.  You can also see the scrunched up strips of white.

And finally the final project.  I can’t wear it and photograph it at the same time so this will have to do.   Hanging up in the patio by the pool!   LOL


Tshirt hanging 2


Just as a side note, I used my ipad to take the pictures, hence the not so clear and sharp images.  But I think you get the point.

So here is my final creation, making a rose enhanced lapel bolero jacket using just a white tshirt, distress paint and buttons.


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15 Responses to “Stamp-a-Faire 2015 – Friday Night Fashion Show”

  1. That is so fantastic!!!! It looks *great*!!!!

  2. You are so clever! This is beautiful! I love those roses!

  3. I’m speechless! What a fabulous creation!

  4. Your tee-shire is just amazing. Very creative and well put together.

  5. Oh my good gracious, this is awesomely gorgeous! I want one! You win! Honestly, GORGIOUS!!!!

  6. Wow, love your creation. The color is wonderful – what a great T-shirt. I typically do not wear t-shirts, but I certainly would this one.

  7. Such a great shirt! Lovely idea.

  8. This is super cute! I really love it.

  9. Well that’s pretty darn spectacular!

  10. WOW…WOW, I love what you’ve created!
    Beautifully done!

  11. Holy moly! This is amazing!

  12. Absolutely stunning and so very creative! Great tutorial as well!

  13. You’re way out of my league, love it!! Bet you’re glad Mom taught you to sew!!

  14. Your results are way beyond WOW! Awesome job!

  15. Your shirt is AMAZING! I love the way you made those rosettes.

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