Meditation Day 19 – The Path to Total Transformation

Day 19


Day 19 – The Path to Total Transformation

“It is only through thanksgiving that I can become myself.” ― Kallistos Ware

In today’s meditation, we provide the necessary tools of transformation on the path to grace. As we navigate the ups and downs of daily life, with the mix of positive and negative situations at work and home, we need two tools to help us turn our practice of gratitude into a real state of grace: knowledge and experience. Knowledge provides the understanding and vision of how grace manifests, and direct experience gives us the personal validation that makes it real in our lives.

Using the tools knowledge and experience with our practice of gratitude ensures that our path to grace is real and practical. These tools allow us to transmute all of our life experiences, positive or negative, into a genuine life of grace.

Day 19 - My inner light is guiding me.

My Notes

Any experience can be changed for the good.  The path to transformation leads to a wonderful promise.  But this takes inner growth and this takes time.  It is easy to be grateful when all is well, but not all days are like that. To get thru trying moments we need to be prepared.  WE need to have knowledge and experience; knowledge gives you the bigger picture; Experience lets you know that it is true.  In life there are light and dark aspects in all things.  Everything has both and you need to stop struggling against the darkness and accept it in its whole.  Only then can you appreciate the experience.   My Inner Light is guiding me!!!!


Francisco Provedo - The Inner LightThe Inner Light: Photos by Francisco Provedo    A series of double exposure photos.


Don't ever lose hope because sometimes it's all you may have left to rely on.

Light and shade at Grand Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

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