Meditation Day 18 – The Rewards of the Higher Self

Day 18


Day 18 – The Rewards of the Higher Self

“You will never accept gratitude as a solution to your problems, until you have reached acceptance.” ― Shannon L. Alder

In today’s meditation, we explore the benefits of living from your higher self. Living from your higher self means your sense of identity is rooted in your inner awareness rather than your separate self, or ego, which is oriented toward objects of perception.

The higher self is who we are. It is our self-awareness and so it is always with us. The reward of the higher self is a life liberated from the demands, fears, and limitations of the separate self or ego mind. Practicing gratitude and appreciation helps to keep awareness aligned to the higher self because we remain focused on the unifying and uplifting qualities of consciousness, instead of allowing attention to get trapped in differences.

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My Notes:

Use gratitude as a portal to our higher self.  The higher self and the true self are the same.  Some call it the soul.  How are we to contact the higher self and take advantage of its power?   The ego and the higher self are connected.  Depending on what you thoughts are…  I me, mine, are thoughts of ego.  The higher self looks for love, grace, truth.   The connection is blocked by lack of knowledge.   Everyone journey goes from doubt to certainly.  Each step guided by what you know and what you have experienced.  You are building a life story.  My higher self is with me all the time.


We are in control of your thoughts, make them positive ones!


This is where you merge and trust in your Higher Self and your communication with the Divine.

Change occurs in ones life when one is willing to change. We can never force people into changing or growing; they must be ready within their own being from where they are at to consciously choose to move into higher vibrational ways.  The Ego is a very real part of all of us; it exists within it’s own right and parameters. If we are not ready to release an old destructive pattern, then it will resist until it fully goes through the lesson and reaches a breaking point.

Ego vs spirit...I love Marianne Williamson!


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