Meditation Day 13 – Succeeding through Gratitude

Day 13

Succeeding through Gratitude


I find true success through inner fulfillment.


Om Kleem Shreem
I attract all divine abundance and blessings.

Day 13 – Succeeding through Gratitude

“Having contentment and gratitude in the present moment is the surest way to achieve success.” ― Bryant McGill

When grace guides our thoughts and actions, our success will be fulfilling and meaningful. Today’s meditation shows us how the practice of gratitude can guide our success in an intelligent and compassionate direction. This type of success is different from the ego-driven success which seeks to hold, control, and keep the object of desire as a way to feel better about itself.

However, if your success is driven from gratitude and grace in your heart, then you are connected to your true self and your success always feels complete and fulfilling.


My Notes:

Showing gratitude will be success.  It is not about sacrifice, but about gratitude.  The universe is waiting to provide you all the success you need.

Success is not often associated with grace.  However it is very much linked.  True success comes from internal fulfillment.  Take every gift from humility and gratitude.    What you want to avoid is the ego.  Grace is always the giver of success, and not selfishness.   If you feel gratitude you have grace, if you feel you need to control something or feel a rush over “beating others”, that is the ego.


Gratitude. Appreciation for what I already have rather than thinking I am "owed" more!


Gratitude is the antidote to misery. You can experience greater joy, abundance and happiness in life when you have the attitude of gratitude. Read: 32 Ways For A Stunning Great Life, Success, Wealth and Abundance

Stay humble, Be persistent, Success will follow. Quote


Manifest & Prosper: Manifest & Prosper: Gifts, Gratitude

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

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