Meditation Day 12 – Loving with Gratitude

Day 12

Loving with Gratitude


Love is the truest sign of grace in my life.


Aham Prema
My true essence is divine love.


Day 12 – Loving with Gratitude

“The more grateful we are, the more connected we become to the universe around us.” ― Stephen Richards

Today’s meditation is about divine love, the spiritual grace that supports everyone and everything. This love is always there whether we see it or not. Gratitude, when offered to another person, is really an expression of love. Like all forms of love, gratitude removes the feeling of separation and distance between hearts. It is an affirmation of our common existence.

Gratitude takes us out of our ego self that may be afraid to love because of insecurity, vulnerability, or fear of rejection. When we learn to feel gratitude with a full heart, we are learning to love unconditionally. Living this divine love is living in grace.

'Aham Prema' ~ is a short mantra with a very profound meaning. It means: I Am Divine Love. Click to hear this song on You Tube performed by Deva Premal.

My Notes:

When you chose to love everything around you, you send a message to the universe.   Love even those who have hurt me, because they need it the most.

Grace is connected to divine love in all religions.  Divine love does not need to be deserved.  Even bad people are loved by God.  Grace is not a choice; it exists in the infinite feeling of consciousness.  It is the supporting structure in nature.   Love is already part of our awareness, and we can express it or not.   You can give a little or a lot.  If you chose to give a lot, something magical happens.  You become more of who you are.


Another photo of this sculpture - I *love* love love LOVE this sculpture.  If I could tattoo *this* on me and make it look this beautiful, I would.


Earthly things must be known to be loved;  Divine things must be loved to be known.    ⌣ Blaise Pascal


Finding opportunities to give and serve with love, light, healing, and compassion and sending this forth in a myriad of ways❤

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