Meditation Day 10 – Gratitute Flows in a Loving Relationship

Day 10

Gratitude Expands Every Relationship


Gratitude flows in a loving relationship.


I recognize my true essence in every soul I meet.


Day 10 – Gratitude Expands Every Relationship

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ― Marcel Proust

In today’s meditation, we explore how gratitude can transform all our relationships. It starts when you express gratitude or appreciation to another person. The transformation begins when you have the thought of gratitude and your brain translates that feeling into beneficial biochemical and neurological changes in your body. The feeling of gratitude also expands the heart, which has the effect of erasing old grievances and soothing resentments and petty differences we may have been holding onto.

Gratitude is wonderful in that it gives these same benefits to the body and heart of the giver as well as the receiver of gratitude. When someone is thanked or appreciated, they generate the same biochemical changes and feel the same expansion and healing of the heart. This back-and-forth flow of grace uplifts and opens every aspect of our relationship with that person.

I need to learn this. Challenge and encourage people to strive to be a better person but love them in the process

My Notes:


When we manifest grace in our lives, we cultivate acceptance.  We don’t try to change anything, we accept.   When we cultivate acceptance of people in our lives, we deepen our relationship with that person, we are really saying “I accept you.”


Every relationship needs a touch of grace.  Giving and receiving is critical in a relationship.


pull this energy through the fifth chakra...  try this on a sheet of posterboard and define yourself in positive terms only.


Divine Spark:  #Heart #Chakra affirmation : accepting and allowing love, forgiveness, trust, openness.


Love means that you accept a person with all their failures stupidities ugly points and nonetheless you see perfection in imperfection itself | Anonymous ART of Revolution

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  1. From a book I am reading, “Perhaps the best thing of all for me is to remember that my serenity is inversely proportional to my expectations. The higher my expectations of other people, the lower is my serenity. I can watch my serenity level rise when I discard my expectations.

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