Meditation Day 4 – Grace is Replying

Day 4

Grace Is Replying


Grace is flowing back to me.


Twam Eva Mata
The universe is our mother.

Day 4 – Grace Is Replying

“The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you can live fully in the present.” ― Dana Arcuri

In today’s meditation, we explore how gratitude engages us in the evolutionary flow of life. When we offer the world our gratitude, grace responds and completes the circle. Our inner and outer worlds merge into one harmonious flow of existence.

As we use our gratitude to join this awakening of joy and beauty around us, we also find that our life becomes easier, more fun, and more meaningful. This nurturing power of grace comes from the source of Being which sustains everyone and everything in the universe. As human beings we can consciously choose to step into this flow of grace to enrich and elevate our lives.

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My Notes:

Grace is the knowledge that we matter, that we are understood.  Gratitude is the catalyst to getting grace.  Be present in gratitude, Grace will respond.

Your perception will shift, what was plain before becomes beautiful with perception.

Grace is like the rain, it falls on everyone alike

Being aware, we can ask for grace.  Grace comes from within you and it has intelligence.   It knows what you need or what.


Crystal Grid | The purpose of a crystal grid is to tap into the Universal Life Force; by combining multiple crystals, generally in a mandala-type shape, you access more energy and power from the crystals.


~ Cáscaras del erizo de mar ~


I know longer see you how other people see you, I see you now as a girl who put too much self worth into a man who has too many walls

Start each day with a grateful heart. 100% agree. Even though you may hate going to work, some people would love to be in your shoes right now, healthy enough to go to work. Be thankful!


The day begins with beauty, the day begins with peace. I can see the evidence as the wind blows through the trees. There is a stillness in the movement and it's easy to make out our Father's design. For through is only Son Jesus, He purchased our freedom. He purchased yours, He purchased mine.


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