My Two Summer Patio Quilts

My annual swim pool party was quickly approaching and I decided to make two quilts to toss on the chairs in case it got cold.   This year we are having a movie outdoors and I was thinking it might get a bit chilly.

My back yard has shades of blue and some green.



But the wonderful Target got smart and decided to sell some sassy Orange/Coral chairs and accents.   So I added them to the mix and now this fabric from Moda is perfect.


I decided to do a chevron quilt and divide the fabrics in half, making one blue tones and the other one orange.   I did fine on the blue side, but the orange became orange/teal/some blue fabrics.   But it did work out


blue Quilt

Here is the layout for the blue quilt.  I wish I had a larger table.


orange quilt


Here is the orange one completed.  as you can see, there is some blue pieces in it.   oh well.


Finished Quilt


The completed quilts.  I decided to do the quilting in a wavy ocean sort of pattern.  I took an awesome class from that was quilting by using your walking foot.   It was super easy and I loved how it came out.


up close of quilt


Chair with Quilt Blue


Here it is on the chair.   I redid the chair pads with this awesome blue print from (HGTV print) and the pillow came from Target.   Love how it all ties in together.

Just so you know, here is the ugly fabric on my chair before I redid the cushions.



Short of prepping for the party, the quilts were done and now off to decorate!!!


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