Outline Stamps Halloween Cat


I made this one late at night….

I had too much champagne…

I forced myself to keep going even though I did not like it…

I blame the champagne…..   Sometimes it is the Creative Elixer…..sometimes is just booze!!!   This time is was booze!  LOL

This was on day 6 of more outline stamps.   So I stamped a cat and used watercolors to create the grey tabby look.

The paper and embellishments was from Michaels {Recollections)

I used zebra striped jewels to look like spiders.   they look like blobs of glass with black marks on it.   ok, I think you get that I dont like this card.   But I do like the paper.

The stamp set was from Michaels, I think the Hampton Art ones they sell.  Not sure….don’t care.   LOL




Thanks for checking my card out!


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  1. I think the cat is cute. Not sure why you don’t like it

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