I Love Hardware Stores! Great Find

I love going to hardware stores, small ones with personality.  Two of my favorties are Orchard Supply Hardware (aka OSH) and the Do It Center.   I dont really care about nails and tools, I love finding cute stuff that these small hardware stores sell. I dont know how many times I have found cute tins with gardening designs, wire crates to hold plants, pastel colored watering cans and other fun things.

I went to the Do-It Center in La Crescenta, CA and found adorable enamelware vintage inspired kitchen wares.


I love enamel ware….beautiful pieces with slick enamel coating!!!  I Love vintage stuff.  So when I saw these kitchen items I was in heaven.


enamelware cans

Typhoon Enamelware Kitchen Cans


They have several colors but I liked the cream color.  There was a red color, a blue color and black!

The Biscuit can has labels that you can add, such as Oats, Sugar, cookies, etc.

But what is REALLY cool about these canisters is that the inside is a MINT green.  Oh kitchenware Heaven!!!!!

So when I got home I checked out the company that makes these… Typhoon…. and guess what?  It is a company in the UK and good luck finding them in America.!!!!  YES, Thank you Do-It Center.  Guess I have to go back and get the canisters and the kitchen scale.  and the Oh so CUTE cake tin.


So next time they Hubby or Boyfriend wants to go to the Hardware store…check it out, you might find something you LOVE!!!

Typhoon Vintage Cream enamelware kitchen storage with mint interiors

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