The Birth of Shiny Tin Foil

This blog is a long time coming.  I have always wanted a blog to post my creative endeavors and my general babbling.   But the name was stumping me.   I searched for the perfect name for over a year.   Since my last name is Wade, the idea of “Wade a Minute” was kicked around.   Sadly someone else nabbed that name.   Shoot!   No obvious name popped in my head…. but deep in the recesses of my brain the name “Shiny Tin Foil” kept popping up.   You see, when I was a young woman I used to laugh about the fact that I would pick shiny tin foil out of the trash when I am an old woman.  I love shiny baubles and other things and automatically go for the bling.   But when I added the statement “Picking the shiny things out of the trash of life” I knew I had my blog name.

So to all my friends and family who will painfully read my blog, I will try to limit it to just the pretty shiny baubles of life that interest us all!!!!   Happy Reading!

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