The Family Tree is Growing

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It has been a while since I did a post.   I have been sorely lacking in my blogging skills.   However I have in the pipeline a ton of craft ideas for the upcoming holidays so be prepared to see more.

My Sisters daughter, daughter, is having a daughter.  She will be my Great Grand Niece

Whew!  This makes me a Great Grand Aunt.


I know  it is confusing.

From the baby perspective, I am her Great Grand Aunt.


All of a sudden I feel old.

So this baby, I thought I would do a more easy going quilt that had a warm backing to keep the little one warm.

I found this great fabric on Amazon.

On Amazon there are several people selling Fabric from Art Galley.   They mish mash a bunch of different fabric lines to create great collections.   In fact, some of the folks will even create a collection based on your needs.  So check them out.

However if you really want to see some cool fabric, check out Hawthorne Supply Company.

They do a digital printing process which allows them to do really cool designs from really cool artists.   They also print on jersey knits and canvas.   To check them out, click on their logo below.



I think that is so cool.


Never the less, back to the baby blanket.


I lined the back with some minky soft fabric just perfect for baby’s skin.

Of course the label.   I think I got it a tad bit too close to the binding, but it is what it is.



Thank you checking out my quilt!   It is a labor of love.



Adding to the Lenox Holiday Collection

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Well it is that time again.

As I showed you last year, I collect the Lenox Holiday collection.   Such beautiful dinnerware for the holidays seasons.  It is sort of an extravagance considering I rarely use it.   However I collected it when I bought my house and pictured myself having lots of holiday parties.  Back then I had money to burn, now I am on a budget.  But this my Christmas gift to my self.  It is black friday so I got all 4 pieces for $100.  Not a bad deal.


This year I bought the 4 hostess gifts that were a great price.

The Lenox Holiday Lazy Susan Tray.

This will be great for appetizers or a cheese platter.

The second item I got was the bread tray.  Obviously to hold bread, either for the table at dinner or some pumpkin bread in the morning.

Up next is the divided dish.   Since I am not 100% sure of the dimensions.  It can either hold olive/pickles.   Or if larger, two side dishes.  Either way, it will look great on the table.


The last piece I got was the chip and dip set.  Some great dip in the middle with some chips.  Or humus and some pita bread.  You could go crazy and do mashed potatoes and gravy.   Nah, but it could be done.

Because I bought 4 items, I got these bowls for free.  I really anticipate them telling me they are sold out.


Posting these on my blog really helps me keep track of the items I have brought previously.


A Year Late – Christmas Cookies

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As I get ready to decide what Christmas cookies and candies I will make this year, I discovered I never posted my pictures from last year.

Really Karen…. really.

I took the time to take all the pictures and then just did not post them.

So here you go

Eli the wonder dog helping with the baking!

My Moms famous double batch oatmeal choc chip cookies, my brothers favorite.

My Mom’s Meringues.   One of my favorites.

My sisters Snow Ball cookies.  Some call them Mexican Wedding Cookies.

First attempt at this… not sure I would do this again.  Linzer cookies.

The classic Fantasy Fudge

My Nut Clusters, now a favorite with my Brother-in-Law.

This was new this year and it was a smashing hit!   Individual toffees.   My sister resisted making these but my Brother=in-Law loved them and she ended up making a batch just for him.  She should really listen to her sister.  HA!

My sister Elaine Pralines!

The classic Peanut Butter Blossoms!

New this year, red and green crinkles.

A last minute add.   Cookies with snickers.


Praline Fudge

To be honest, I do not remember.  Chocolate cookies with peanut chips or butterscotch chips.  Not sure.

Caramels…. both plain and some with sea salt.

Aunt Lucy’s Buttery Peanut Brittle.   No, Aunt Lucy is not a relative, just the name from a Book.  I am sure she was someones Aunt.

I put the baskets together with cute bowls I found at Wal-Mart.  They had matching coasters that I added to the goodies.

All the goodies…ready to be delivered.

Helper number 1…..Olive the Maltese in her Christmas Jammies.

2nd Helper is Penny the Poocher, the doggie Smoocher!


Halloween Decorations – Indoor Edition 2017

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Anyone who knows me, knows I love Halloween.

I love the pumpkins, the witches hats, the costumes, the kids being excited, the candy and of course all the cute decorations.

I usually decorate my house with some goodies I have found at places like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Target and Wal-Mart.   If it has cute Halloween Stuff, I am there.


For my living room I added pillows to my sofa.   Excuse my beaten up sofa, I want a new one but cannot make up my mind if I want two easy chairs or a sofa.

The problem is that I LOVE throw pillows.  If I could have a million of them, I would get them.  So if I get two easy chairs, I am not sure how I use my pillows.  Maybe I should get a love seat and an easy chair.  Because let’s be honest, the pillows trump everything else.


Orange Buffalo Plaid Pillow and Throw – Joann Fabric
Black Boo! Pillow – Joann Fabric
Orange Boo Pillow – Target (dollar bin)
Black Happy Halloween Pillow – Target (dollar bin)

Speaking of the dollar bin,  I am addicted to Targets Bulls eye Play Pen/Dollar Bin.   I find so many great things there.   Of course I watch videos from other bloggers to figure out what is out there.

My sofa is next to the sliding glass door to the back yard.  I have a draped piece over the door so I added the spider lights to the top.  It was so festive.  I first saw these lights on the blogger “Sparklyblonde1”.  I completely overlooked them at the store but when I saw them on her blog I fell in love.   I wish I could find a picture of that they look like, but basically it is a string of light, the spiders are at the end of the string and each spider is a different color.

Multi Color Spider String Light – Target

In my kitchen I usually decorate most.   Besides throw pillows I must have a million dish towels.  My obsession is so bad that my brother-in-law did make a comment on the pile in my kitchen.  Geez, what can I say, better than using drugs, you know!

I did get a brand new stove, fridge and dishwasher.  All in Stainless steel.   Getting them was such an ordeal that I wont bore you with the details.  Here is the stove with my dish towels.

Double Stacked Pumpkin – Michaels
Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker – Amazon
Halloween Dish Towels – Target dollar bin

Target always has the cutest Halloween dish towels in the dollar bin, but get there fast because they always sell out.

In the corner next to the stove is where the sink and the window

I like to get dish drying mats that match the season and of course dish towels that match.   To make the corner more festive I threw in tow Halloween lanterns and a big black skull.

Spider Dish Drying Pad – Amazon
Black Glass Skull – Michaels
Orange and Black Halloween Lanterns with handles – Target (dollar bin)
Dish Towels Spider web and spider on orange background – Wal-Mart (I think, it could have been Target)

The lanterns in the dark….so cute.

Next to the sink is a bar counter.   I do not use it for a bar as I have my sewing machine on the other side.   The problem with houses (in my opinion) is they do not make space for crafts and storage.  Two areas I have an issue with.  However in their defense, my house is only a three bedroom, one room is guest room and the other is my computer/Crafting room, however there is no space for a sewing machine.   Basically I need an entire basement room to hold my craft passion.   Houses in Southern California generally do not have basements except maybe those built-in the early 1900s.   I would love a larger house but it just is not in the cards for me right now.

Because the price of the ceramic pumpkins at Michaels was so good I got all three styles.  The two stack that was on the stove, the single large pumpkin and the pumpkin trio.

On my counter I have two vintage style scales.  I added pumpkins and ghords to the trays to give it more of a harvest look.

Close up of the towels on the dishwasher.   So cute.

The trio pumpkin set is so cute.

And in the dark.  You can see the Halloween light up sign behind the pumpkin.  It is a cute sign that has LED lights by the glass so it lights up and looks all glowy.

I added some mini pumpkins onto the cake platter with some small spider lights

With the lights off you can see the different colors.

Just a little video so you can see the lights changing….

I always print up a freebie printable from Pinterest.  This was a cute little print with a newspaper look in the background.

In the tray that holds my soaps, I added a cute little Halloween print from some of my scrapbook paper.  It also helps keep the area clean from drips and drabs.

I have on my counter a two tier wired basket.  I usually add fun goodies in the basket for adding to the theme.

This was a messy one.  I just could not pull this one together.   It is what it is.


And lastly I have my Halloween candy bowls.    I love the little bowls and it really was part of the Halloween feeling to have candy handy.

All the goodies:

Three Halloween Candy Bowls – Target (dollar bin)
Frank and Mrs. Frank Candle Holders – Bath and Body Works (bought a long time ago)
Plastic Mini Pumpkins – Target
Little Tombstones – Target (dollar bin)
Black Glitter Tree – Target (dollar bin)
Pumpkin Twinkle Lights – Target (dollar bin)
Two Mini Spider Pumpkins – 99 cent store
Spider color changing twinkle lights – Target (dollar bin)
Halloween Color Faux Gems – Hobby Lobby
Ceramic Pumpkins – Michaels
Harvest Sign – Michaels
31 Days of Halloween Light Sign – Joann Fabric
Black and White Kitchen Towels – Target (dollar bin)


Thank you for looking at my Halloween Decor!   I love this time of year!

Simon Says Stamp – Halloween Kit 2017 (Part Two)

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I finally got around to finishing my Halloween cards.   And before Halloween!   LOL  What an accomplishment!

I still had more ideas, but really, it needed to stop.

This first card came to me when I was looking at my stencils.  I loved all the brooms and thought they would be cute on a spooky skyline.


This card came to me while looking at the candies.  Nothing looks more yummy than a bunch of candies.  Besides I had just gotten the Nuvo drops and had to use them.

This card was a failed attempt to look like a lit pumpkin at night.  I made a mess of it.  But it did become a card.

I stole this idea from Jennifer McGuire.  She did some cute cards using mesh.


Close up of the cat.


Since I was stealing, I decided to steal more.  I took this directly from the kit.

I decided to use some of the stickers.   I am not a huge fan of stickers.  They always look odd to me on a card.  But I had to try.



In case you missed my other post.  These are the cards I did earlier.




So WITCH one is your favorite.


Thanks for checking it out.


Simon Says Stamp 2017 Halloween Kit – Creepy Cute!

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It comes as no surprise to friends and family that Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Nothing is as exciting than cute critters in witches hats…   paper in orange, black, green and purple.  A ghost or two.

So when Simon Says Stamp came out with their annual Halloween kit I was right there…probably order number 17 in the list of people.

The stamp set is just awesome.

My first card I wanted to use a new bat stencil I bought recently.   I used black embossing paste but discovered it was matte and hard to see.  I ended up using some wonderful purple glitter paint on the card to highlight the bats.

My second card I had wanted to use the google eyes.

Isn’t that cute how they eyes come out of the paper.

I don’ know about you but usually the first two cards are a struggle when I start a kit, I seem to get better as the card progress.

You be the judge.

Pretty simple card but I like it.

I bought some cool green glitter I just needed to use.

I ended up using the green glitter on the witches brew….but to spice it up I used the glow in the dark drops and the crystal blizzard nuvo drops to create the bubbles.

A close up….too bad I cannot get a photo of the glow in the dark

For my 5th card, I wanted to use the shaker beads.

I used the moon stamp and then re-stamped it again to use the glow in the dark embossing powder.

There are more cards to post but I wanted to make the deadline for the Simon Says Stamp Challenge.


Look for more later this week.


Stamp-a-faire 2017: 10th Anniversary Tradition: Tin + Aluminum – Challenge

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  • Now it’s your turn!  Create a project featuring gilding flakes.  You can choose to re-create the exact project from Carissa above or design your own using the same concepts. Your project must also incorporate at least one Papertrey product.

Wow, what a flakey mess!  I love the metallic look but it was sure messy.   For the HELLO I used all three colors of the flakes.



Paper:  Neenah Solar White Card Stock

Stamps:  Papertrey Ink Background Basics. Super Stripes

Dies:  Simon Say Stamp Large Hello Die

Ink:  Papertrey Ink (Canyon Clay, Autumn Rose, Honey Nit, New Leaf, Aqua Mist, Prairie Grass)

Other:  Nuvo Guilding Flakes (Sunkissed Copper, Radient Gold, Silver Bullion)

Thank you for looking at my card.

Stamp-a-faire 2017: 9th Anniversary Tradition: Pottery– Challenge

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  • Now it’s your turn!  Create a project featuring a dough tag.  You can choose to re-create the exact project from Nichole above or design your own using the same concepts. Your project must also incorporate at least one Papertrey product.


Paper:  Basic Grey 25th & Pine Pattern paper, Papertrey Ink Pinefeather Card Stock

Stamps:  Papertrey Ink Sparkle & Shine Holiday Additions

Die Cuts:  Tim Holtz Alterations Holiday Greens

Other:  Red and Gold Ribbon Celebrations from Michaels, Starform Stickers, Clay

Stamp-a-faire 2017: 8th Anniversary Tradition: Bronze – Challenge

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  • Now it’s your turn!  Create a project featuring Perfect Pearls or a similar metallic pigment powder.  You can choose to re-create the exact project from Kimberly above or design your own using the same concepts. Your project must also incorporate at least one Papertrey product.

Here is the detail of the feather and the Nuvo Drops


Paper:  Papertrey Ink Hawaiian Shores Card Stock, Anna Griffin Metallic Card Stock

Stamps:  Papertrey Ink Feather Finery

Other:  Nuvo Glitter Drops White Blizzard; Perfect Pearls Bronze; WOW Embossing Powder Bronze

Thank you for looking.


Stamp-a-faire 2017: 7th Anniversary Tradition: Wool – Challenge

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  • Now it’s your turn!  Create a project featuring a stitched layered embellishment (felt or paper).  You can choose to re-create the exact project from Heather above or design your own using the same concepts. Your project must also incorporate at least one Papertrey product.

and a close up of the felted leave.



Dies:  Sugar Pea: Stitch Autumn Icons.  Papertrey Ink Leaf Die

Paper:  Pebbles Harvest Paper,  We R Us Harvest

Other:  Papertrey Ink Wool Felt, Canyon Clay and Orange Zest, Linen.  My Favorite Things Felt Jelly Bean Green; Papertrey Ink Twine

Thank you for looking at my project!