My Autumn 2018 Bucket List

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I am not a big fan of Summer and usually around this time of year I am more than ready to bring on Autumn.

I have been channeling Autumn and have gotten all my friends and co-workers to bring on Autumn thru wishful thinking.

Not sure if it will work but I believe in using your powers to summon up the goodness of earth.  And in this case, the season.

It must be working because the stores are putting out the autumn and Halloween items.   I am seeing pumpkin spice everything start to show up on everything, not sure about pumpkin spice motor oil but who knows.

I looked at several buckets lists and since a lot of them involved activities I will never do (go on a nature hike) or cannot do (no piles of fall leaves in Southern California), I made my own list.


Since I am a crafter/baker/creative person that lives with two little dogs the list has things that are achievable for me.

Follow along to see how I do this year.

If you want a copy of this bucket list, please click below.

Autumn 2018 Bucket List

Park Palooza – Day 4 (the best for last)

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Hi!  Its Olive and Penny hacking into Mom’s blog again.   It is hard to believe the 4 days of Parks Palooza is over.  (to be honest, we were getting a little tired).

We wanted to post this yesterday but there was a thing called “internet not working”.   It was frustrating  to blog and Mom was upset because she could not use her IPad.

But today it seems to be working, and since Mom is photographing stuff for Ebay (whatever that is) it is a good time for us to hack into this blog.

Park Four – Circle J Ranch

The park on Friday was the best, simply because NO ONE was there and we were able to run free.  FREEEEEEEEE   Mom did not hold our leashes.  We ran away so fast.

While Mom was getting her phone out to take pictures….. we RANNNNNN AWAY.

Can you see us under the tree in shady part?

Maybe a close up will help.  Olive is by the tree and I (Penny) am in the grass.

Mom is always looking left and right for people and dogs and danger while we sniff away happy as can be.

Tree sniffing is very important.

The park itself was a big open green space with trees around the edges.

We really enjoyed our freedom.  Running around and sniffing.  Mommy rarely lets go of our leash but we love it when she does.  We run from sniff to sniff.  Trying to get as much in as possible.

Mom even found some keys someone left on the bench

Mom called the sheriff to let them know and they did not care.   Mom was disappointed in them.  She tried to be a good citizen.

Well, onto the rating….

Grass and Trees

There was a lot of grass and several trees.  Not a ton of trees but at least the walkway had trees so it had patches of shade.

Crowds and Hoomans

Even thou we meet a little dog and her hooman on the way out, we basically had the park to ourselves.   Yahoo!  My kind of day.  The Hooman Mom met said on Friday evening all the dogs come and play on the field without leashes.  Sounds kinda scary.

Places for Mom to sit and Rest

There were a few benches along the walkway.  But like most parks, it was without trees.  Not sure why they don’t put benches in the shade.   But overall a good amount for the park size.

Poop Bags Available

Yup, at the front of the park the poop bags were waiting for us.  Except I did not poop.  Or I did without Mom noticing because I was FFFFFRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Mom Stuff, Like easy to get to, parking, Nice view (she does not care about sniffs)

There was no one in the parking lot.  A little far but not bad and the park was pretty.

Overall Rating


Rating of the Over Park Palooza

Penny here, Olive and I discussed the parks and decided the order of preference

  1. Circle J Rank Park
  2. Dr. Richard H. Rioux Park
  3. Central Park
  4. Iron Horse Trail

Mom agrees.   She has agreed that we will go back to the top three parks.

Overall both Olive and I are happy that Mommy added Park Palooza into her vacation!

Signing Off!

Penny the Smoocher  

and Ollie Doodle  

Park Palooza Day 3

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Olive and Penny here.  Hacking the blog again.

Mom got up real late today as she went to the movies with a friend.   She saw Crazy, Rich Asians.   She said it was very funny!

Mom wanted to sight see instead of walking around a park.  So we went to a local landmark instead.

Park Three – Iron Horse Trailhead

This was not much of a dog adventure but more of a Mom adventure.

She has always wanted to walk across the Iron Horse Bridge.

First thing we saw was this cool sign post that pointed to all the historical places in Santa Clarita.


From the signpost you can see the iron bridge.

Mom kept trying to get us to walk on the cedar side of the walk way and not to walk on the asphalt, but we never listen to her.

Fortunately the bridge walkway was all wood.

Mom was concerned that Olive was way to close to the edge.  She kept thinking that Olive would slip down a hole and fall to her death.   Her harness is not that tight and she could fall if she did something dumb.

Olive:  I was just looking, I am not that stupid.

Mom:  You don’t pay attention and there are big holes on the side.

Olive:  Ha!  Moms worry for no reason at all

Mom: (thinking) “get me off this damn bridge”

The river view….what river…..this is Southern California, we do not know rain here.

Overall we, as dogs were not impressed.  It was hot, there was no good sniffs.

The things we do for Mom!

Overall it was a bad rating!

The low rating was because this was not a park.  No good sniffs.  No poops.   No shade.  No trees.

Tomorrow better be good Mom!

Park Palooza – Day Two

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Olive and Penny here!  Hacking into the blog again to add more dog photos and dog thoughts!

Today the Hooman took us to a new park to sniff and explore!


Central park is a huge park with lots of child play things, benches, bathrooms and open space.  They have a dog park called Central Bark but we did not go there.

There is a lot of open green space.


and plenty of space to walk and sniff.

However we were more interested in smelling trash cans and looking under bushes.  Not to mention a ton of poles.  Poles smell real good.

Just walking along paths are a bit boring.   Plus there were no benches for Mom to sit and relax.

However we did discover later that further down in the park by the picnic tables were all the benches.

Poor Mom had to stand while we rested in the shade.

and it was HOT…we drank a lot of water.

I like to get my face all wet when drinking!  Hee Hee

Well onto the rating!

Grass and Trees

There was some but not consistent.   However the park was large and not sure if there were better places with trees.

So that gets only a 2 paw rating.

Crowds and Hoomans

We met a nice lady with two chi’s.  We all went at it!  Mommy talked to the lady and discussed that little dogs make a lot of noise.  NOT TRUE.  We were just protecting her from those murderous killer chi’s.  Geez some hoomans never appreciate anything.

Not a lot of people.   Could easily avoid people if necessary.

Places for Mom to sit and rest

Seems that all the benches were just around the kid play areas.   Guess hoomans like to watch kids play.   No benches along the pathways.  So poor Mommy had to stand the entire park experience.

Poop bag available

Lots of Poop Bag dispensers and fully stocked.  And trashcans to drop the goodies in.

Mom Stuff, like easy to get to, Parking, nice view (she does not care about sniffs)

It was way across town so it was quite a drive, but had plenty of parking.   The view was ok, but not spectacular.


Overall Rating

Only a three paws up.  It was a nice park, but I am sure it is super crowded on the weekend and just not worth the drive.


Mom decided to treat us and drove up and down the street in the park so we could hang out heads out the windows and get all the sniffs we wanted.

Other hoomans must of thought we were crazy.

I wonder where we are going tomorrow.


Park-Palooza – Day One

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Penny and Olive here.  We are hacking Mom’s blog.  She never puts enough of US on the blog.   She does silly stuff like cards and quilts.  So we will just have to hack into her blog and fix that!

Mom promised us 4 days of new park adventures.   She is on vacation this week and she said she would take us to 4 different parks during her stay-cation.   All new sniffs,  new grass, new shade, new poop places.

We are here to rate the parks and let her know which parks meet with our approval for future parkies!

Park One – Dr. Richard H. Rioux Memorial Park


This park is in the hills of Stevenson Ranch.  Like most parks, it is next to an Elementary School.   However the park was large enough that you could not even see the school.


Lots of Grass

Lots of Trees

Picnic Tables for Mom to rest at


Plenty of Shade for us to rest under.   We try to rest in a cool spot FAAARRRRRRRR away from benches so Mom has to stand there while we rest!

Hee Hee Hee, I love to make the hooman stand and wait for us to rest!

I did not even poop at the park, which I love to do.   One of life’s greatest pleasures is to poop at the park.

Hey Olive, Mom says you will NEVER be a instagram star as you REFUSE to look at the camera!

Not TRUE!   I just choose to model when I am in the mood, which is rare and hardly ever!

See I can model, if I so desire.

OK let’s get back to rating the park!

Grass and Trees

5 paws!  Lots of grass, lots of trees!  Makes lots of shade.

Crowds and Hoomans

There were people there but they did not cause us to bark.   Maintenance guys were mowing, so avoid Tuesdays!

Places for Mom to Sit and Rest

Lots of benches, but had a lot of dirt around them.  We could not sit in the grass if Mom was sitting at the bench

Poop Bags Available

Did not see any.  But we were only at one section of the park

MOM stuff, like easy to get to…parking…nice view (she does not care about sniffs)

She says it was close to home, easy to park, plenty of parking spaces,  Lots of trash cans to throw poop bags away.   Walkways so it is easy for her to walk.  Overall pretty good.

Our over all rating for this park is a total of 4 paws up!

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Signing off – Olive and Penny!

A thank you card and farewell to a my sweet Beau

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My sweet cat Beau died in July.   He had been very ill with diabetes.  I had been fighting his illness for a few months and every vet visit the news was a just not want I wanted.  He continued to lose weight, or his levels would rise.  Seems like it was never going to stabalize.  Then he kept stumbling when he was walking like his was on slippery ice.

Finally he got to a point where I knew it was time.  As heartbreaking as it was, I knew it was the right thing.  What was so sad is that I lost his brother about two years before from cancer.    Owning animals will be eventual heartbreak.  But we all know that and do it anyways.

I usually struggle to find a vet for my animals that I completely respect and know in my heart that they are the best at what they do, however I hit the jackpot my my vet at The Cat Doctor.

Dr. Tracy is an awesome vet who does everything to help my animals.   She especially loved Beau as she told me once that he always gave her love and kisses.  She said most cats are so scared that they do not do that but my Beau always knew he had a friend in Dr. Tracy.   When he was in the hospital she would sit with him while eating her lunch!

The day I put Beau down, Dr. Tracy was out of town and the very sweet Dr. Melissa helped me with his passing.


However I wanted to make sure Dr. Tracy knew that we loved her and that sweet beau wanted to say thanks.

So I made her this little card to tell her how much I appreciated everything she did.




Copic Coloring some Suzy Plantamura Cards

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I wanted to make some cards but was not in the to be super creative.  So I decided to color in a few of the Suzy Plantamura printed watercolor cards.

I decided to do copic coloring instead of watercolors because I wanted to dabble a bit with my copics.

These cute card sets are sold by Simon Says Stamp and have a variety of themes and occasions.   This one is called Sweet Treats.


The cards were embellished with nuvo drops and some shimmer pens.


A closeup shows how I added shimmer to the cotton candy!

A close up of the cake, using both Nuvo drops and shimmer pens to add more dimension.



Thanks for looking!

The Family Tree is Growing

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It has been a while since I did a post.   I have been sorely lacking in my blogging skills.   However I have in the pipeline a ton of craft ideas for the upcoming holidays so be prepared to see more.

My Sisters daughter, daughter, is having a daughter.  She will be my Great Grand Niece

Whew!  This makes me a Great Grand Aunt.


I know  it is confusing.

From the baby perspective, I am her Great Grand Aunt.


All of a sudden I feel old.

So this baby, I thought I would do a more easy going quilt that had a warm backing to keep the little one warm.

I found this great fabric on Amazon.

On Amazon there are several people selling Fabric from Art Galley.   They mish mash a bunch of different fabric lines to create great collections.   In fact, some of the folks will even create a collection based on your needs.  So check them out.

However if you really want to see some cool fabric, check out Hawthorne Supply Company.

They do a digital printing process which allows them to do really cool designs from really cool artists.   They also print on jersey knits and canvas.   To check them out, click on their logo below.



I think that is so cool.


Never the less, back to the baby blanket.


I lined the back with some minky soft fabric just perfect for baby’s skin.

Of course the label.   I think I got it a tad bit too close to the binding, but it is what it is.



Thank you checking out my quilt!   It is a labor of love.



Adding to the Lenox Holiday Collection

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Well it is that time again.

As I showed you last year, I collect the Lenox Holiday collection.   Such beautiful dinnerware for the holidays seasons.  It is sort of an extravagance considering I rarely use it.   However I collected it when I bought my house and pictured myself having lots of holiday parties.  Back then I had money to burn, now I am on a budget.  But this my Christmas gift to my self.  It is black friday so I got all 4 pieces for $100.  Not a bad deal.


This year I bought the 4 hostess gifts that were a great price.

The Lenox Holiday Lazy Susan Tray.

This will be great for appetizers or a cheese platter.

The second item I got was the bread tray.  Obviously to hold bread, either for the table at dinner or some pumpkin bread in the morning.

Up next is the divided dish.   Since I am not 100% sure of the dimensions.  It can either hold olive/pickles.   Or if larger, two side dishes.  Either way, it will look great on the table.


The last piece I got was the chip and dip set.  Some great dip in the middle with some chips.  Or humus and some pita bread.  You could go crazy and do mashed potatoes and gravy.   Nah, but it could be done.

Because I bought 4 items, I got these bowls for free.  I really anticipate them telling me they are sold out.


Posting these on my blog really helps me keep track of the items I have brought previously.


A Year Late – Christmas Cookies

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As I get ready to decide what Christmas cookies and candies I will make this year, I discovered I never posted my pictures from last year.

Really Karen…. really.

I took the time to take all the pictures and then just did not post them.

So here you go

Eli the wonder dog helping with the baking!

My Moms famous double batch oatmeal choc chip cookies, my brothers favorite.

My Mom’s Meringues.   One of my favorites.

My sisters Snow Ball cookies.  Some call them Mexican Wedding Cookies.

First attempt at this… not sure I would do this again.  Linzer cookies.

The classic Fantasy Fudge

My Nut Clusters, now a favorite with my Brother-in-Law.

This was new this year and it was a smashing hit!   Individual toffees.   My sister resisted making these but my Brother=in-Law loved them and she ended up making a batch just for him.  She should really listen to her sister.  HA!

My sister Elaine Pralines!

The classic Peanut Butter Blossoms!

New this year, red and green crinkles.

A last minute add.   Cookies with snickers.


Praline Fudge

To be honest, I do not remember.  Chocolate cookies with peanut chips or butterscotch chips.  Not sure.

Caramels…. both plain and some with sea salt.

Aunt Lucy’s Buttery Peanut Brittle.   No, Aunt Lucy is not a relative, just the name from a Book.  I am sure she was someones Aunt.

I put the baskets together with cute bowls I found at Wal-Mart.  They had matching coasters that I added to the goodies.

All the goodies…ready to be delivered.

Helper number 1…..Olive the Maltese in her Christmas Jammies.

2nd Helper is Penny the Poocher, the doggie Smoocher!