My Lenox Holiday China Obsession

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For years and years I have been collection Lenox Holiday China.

Related image

I have the entire place settings for 12 people and a ton of matching accent pieces.

Fortunately for the last few years it has just been grabbing the new pieces and the great sale items.  No huge ticket items.   All bought and done with!  I swear I must have everything.

This year I have added these two beauties to my collection:

Lenox Holiday Covered Dish

The Lenox Holiday Covered Dish – 6-1/2 x 9-1/2


Lenox Holiday Round Platter

The Lenox Holiday Round Platter – 13″


I love how they tell me it is dishwasher safe, like I would EVER put my china in the dishwasher.


I really need to inventory my china.  But more importantly, I need to have a dinner party again.


Thanks for looking!

Mom Meatloaf Recipe

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From the Country Cook (click on photo to go to their link)

Do any of you post your recipes as a way to keep from losing those darn little recipe cards.   My recipe box is a mess.   I have to search and search to find recipes in it.

So I have been putting them on my blog.   Not only because I lose them, but my sister does also.  She is always texting me asking me for a recipe.  Yes, I am talking about you!   Now all you have to do is go to my blog.

My Mom use to make a meatloaf that we loved.  She would use tomato rice soup instead of catsup and we loved it.

I snagged the photo from the Country Cook so please click on it to go to their site.   I am really bad at taking pictures of food when I am hungry.   Hee Hee.

Mom’s Meatloaf

1-1/2 Pound Hamburger Meat
1 Egg
3-4 Slices of dried bread chopped to crumbs
1 T Dried Onion
1 t Salt
1 t Pepper
1/2 t Marjoram
1 T Whorechestere
1/2 can tomato rice soup

Mix well, put in a casserole dish or bread pan that has been sprayed with oil (Pam or shortening)

Pour remaining soup on top, spread evenly.

Cook 1 to 1-1/2 hours at 350 degrees.

Take cleaned, fork poked potatoes and coat with shortening.  Place on rack next to meatloaf.


Halloween 2016

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I have been missing for a while.   Been busy quilting which I normally do not blog about, but will soon.   I am trying to finish a Halloween quilt that I started 2 or 3 years ago.  Or it could be 4 or 5 years ago.

I finished the piecing and now am quilting it.  The big challenge is that I wanted to learn to do free motion, so part of my quilt was done with a walking foot and the other parts are free motion.

I basically suck at it, but it is a new skill so I just need to practice to get better.   I actually do not mind doing this on an actual quilt versus a spare fat quarter.  I am hoping it will be a reminder of where I started (that is if I get better).

On to Halloween!

I did my normal decorating, pumpkins that light up, spider webs, etc.   I added a new bone spider, bone rat and and bone vulture.

The Boneyard Mini Spider Skeleton

Image result for the boneyard vulture

I also like to get the big candy bars and be the cool house.  But the last two years I have seen a trend where large groups of children come together.  About 10-15 in a group.  As you can image this wipes out the candy pretty fast and with that volume, I cannot even stop to see the costumes.   I prefer the one or two children at a time deal.   Of course the little boy next door showed up twice just like he did last year.   I told him to stop doing that and I would run out of candy.  LOL  He could have least changed his costume or waited for a huge group and confuse me.   Too funny!

Speaking of children, the last two children of the night wore this adorable NASA suits and you put the candy down the flexible silver tube (aka dryer exhaust hose) it drops into their air pack on their back.  Sooooo cute.

This year I added two new items, an electric fence light that made “sparking” noises when you got near it.


I ended up putting it on the baby gate that I use in the doorway so the dogs do not get out when I answer the door.

The other goody I got was a short-circuit lab light bulb that fizzled in and out like one of those spooky haunted laboratories that mad scientists do human experiments!   Eeekkk!!!!!  This one is sold by Gemma in case you want one.  I got mine at Wal-mart.

It has a little switch that you can either make it motion sensor or not.    I liked it a lot.  Made it real spooky.

I also dress up the dogs like a good dog mom.   Doug resisted Eli getting dressed but I think he really thought he was cute.


He was a prisoner of Love.


It was a tad bit tight but he did just fine.   The label on the back glows in the dark.   I just love how it looked on his hind legs.  So cute.

Olive was a dinosaur!  A cute one I might add.   Olive does real good with costumes.


You can see her costume better on the video below.

Penny on the other hand HATES costumes and sweaters.  She is 100% dog and does not like that sort of thing.


She does make a cute little panda.   Look at that panda tail on her back.  So cute.

For fun I made a little video


Thanks for looking and Happy Halloween!!!

Last week of Camp Create – I finished!

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Well I finished the camp create challenge!  Whoo Hoo!!!


You can see more detail on the cards by clicking on the picture.

Monochromatic Magic

coral mono with symbol

Awesome Ombre

Birthday Wishes Balloon with symbol

Remarkable Resist

Awesome Scary with symbol

Divine Dry Embossing

Bird emboss with symbol


Stunning Shadow Stamping

Shadow Stamping with symbol


Last but not least,

the Camp Farewell Bonfire


Thinking of Ewe with Symbol


Thanks for looking at my creations!   I had an awesome time at camp!




MFT Camp Create – Day Six Stunning Shadow Stamping

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I had just did a shadow stamping card for my Tim Holtz class, so I was familiar with the technique.

Handmade card from Stephanie Klauck featuring Flashy Florals stamp set and Thanks & Hello Die-namics #mftstamps

I love Stephanie Klauck’s card, but I wanted more color to mine.  So I decided to use Kraft cardstock and use multiple colors of ink.

For those who do not have the My Favorite Things Hybrid Stamp pads, I highly recommend them.  The colors are so bright and the ink is so juicy.   Sometimes I will get an ink pad and will be so disappointed that I can hardly get any color from them.  These inks ROCK!!!!

Shadow Stamping


To highlight the card, I embossed the secondary images in Liquid Platinum embossing powder.

You can see the embossing better in this highlight.  I used the trick I learned in class about using a glue pen to make small dots and add embossing powder on it.

close up shadow stamping

Thank you so much for looking at my creations.


MFT Camp Farewell Bonfire – Single Layer Savvy

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Stephanie Klauck again wowed me her cute card.   I love how she tried to make the card look like a coloring book for children.

Very cute!

Handmade card from Stephanie Klauck featuring the You're Rawr-some stamp set and Blueprints 21 Die-namics #mftstamps

I ended up making a scene with the adorable lamb set.  I probably could have used the little hearts coming from the jumping lamb but did not think of this until I was posting the picture.

As a side note.  Do not wear a new blouse when using Copics.  As luck would have it, I pulled out a copic and the lid got stuck in the case, I accidently dropped the capless copic marker on me and smeared dark green ink all over my blouse.  I am sure if I was wearing some old shirt it would have never happened.   Ugh!

Thinking of You


Thank you for looking at my creations.


MFT Camp Create – Day Four Divine Dry Embossing

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Well I thought I had seen every trick in the book, but this technique is not something I have ever tried.  Karolyn Loncon made this adorable dragon card and it just warms my heart up!   I love how she embossed the shaded frame wehre the dragon sits.  It is just awesome!

Handmade card from Karolyn Loncon featuring Birdie Brown Magical Dragons stamp set and Die-namics, Stitched Mini Scallop Rectangle STAX, Blueprints 15, Blueprints 18, and Tag Builder Blueprints 5 Die-namics #mftstamps

I really liked her background so I ended up doing the same thing.  I had not used this bird stamp set as of yet, so I thought he would look great on this background.

I used Copics and remembered reading somewhere that if you shade with gray and then add red over the shading, it makes the red blending look better.  I tried it and it worked.   I always have a hard time blending red.

Bird emboss

Thank you so much for looking at my creations.



MFT Camp Create – Day Three Remarkable Resist

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Stephanie Klauck made this awesome card using emboss resist.   I did not buy this stamp set and now I am thinking I should have!    Yikes, that happens to me all the time.

Handmade card from Stephanie Klauck featuring Birthday Speech Bubbles stamp set #mftstamps

Well I have come to the conclusion that I do not own many solid images.   I really wanted to showcase the wonderful products from My Favorite Things (as it is their challenge, you know) and I was sorely missing solid stamps.  I did find some Halloween sayings that were sort of solid.   It ended up working out ok.    I found some Halloween sequins from Lucy so I was able to add a small pumpkin and spider.   EEK!!!!

Awesome Scary

Thank you for looking at my creations.


MFT Camp Create – Day Two Awesome Ombre

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For day two we learned to make an ombre card with an ombre sentiment using the MISTI from Laurie Willison.  Not only that, but she used those awesome Clarity Stamp Brushes.   OMG!  It made it look so easy.  Now I have to buy those brushes.

Handmade card from Laurie Willison featuring Grateful for You stamp set and Geometric Grid stencil #mftstamps


Update:  I did buy the brushes, but have not received them in the mail yet.

Although I wanted to try to do a word die like Laurie did, I decided to go to a totally different direction.  I ended up do an ombre blue background and ombre balloons.

Birthday Wishes Balloon

Thank you for looking at my creations!




MFT Camp Create Day One – Monochromatic Magic

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So it is the last week of camp at My Favorite Things!   And I bet these cards will just be so awesome!!!

So here is the badge guide for this week!   So many fun cards to make!


Stephanie Klauck made this beautiful card using Summer Splash card stock.   I loved how she made the sentiments upside down/rightside up to break up the words visually

Handmade card from Stephanie Klauck featuring Big Birthday Sentiments stamp set and Stitched Fishtail Flag STAX Die-namics #mftstamps

So I decided to use a coral color for my card.  I was a little stumped on what to do and ended up using a few coral based pattern paper to make the flowers.  I stamped the diagonal stamp on the background and then used some Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink to add some highlights.  I even used the gold ink on the Thanks die cut.

mono chromatic coral Thanks card

Thank you so much for looking at my creation.