Stamp a Faire 2016 – Floral Impressionism

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This poor card took forever.  I did not really have a stamp set that had the appropriate accents to emboss.  It either covered the whole thing or it made it a little wacky looking.

impressionistic flowers

I ended up doing multiple flowers from a few different stamp sets and clustered it at he bottom of the card.

Thanks for looking at my creation.


Stamp a Faire 2016 – Gilding with Gold challenge

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I have never played with Liquid Gold.  Now that I have, I am afraid I will be gilding everything!  LOL

Gold Gilding

Thank you for looking at my creations!


Stamp-a-faire 2016 – Starry Night

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I have been itching to make a starry night card for a while.    I love the dark, yet vibrant colors.

Starry Night

Thank for looking at my creation!!!


Camp Create – Background Bonanza

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Oh my goodness.  I finished.   Nothing like a deadline to pump those creative juices.

For this background I added a bunch of little stamps from the tropical themed sets.

I water colored the images and then realized.  Dang I did not use water color paper.

So I decided instead of starting over, I switched to color pencils.

Nothing like a deadline to help you make quick decisions!  LOL

Background My Hit

I tried to get the background to look like a tropical sunset/sunrise.

It actually looks better in person.   Clearly not my favorite of my cards, but cute enough.


Thanks for looking at my creation.



Camp Create – Magnificent Masking

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Oh my goodness, I am sooo running out of time.   I am designing and making cards as fast as I can.

Usually when I go fast I find that my cards lack a little something.

However this card came out cute.

Hoping to Sea You

I used the fishnet background die and colored the background with different blue and green distress ink.

I then used a shimmer mist over the top.

I used the awesome Fish Life stamp set for the coral and two fishes.

I added some clear droplets as fish bubbles to the page.


Thanks for looking at my creation.

Camp Create – Inlaid Made Easy

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Inlaid made easy….my butt.

I fought this thing to the very end.

Oh well, at least I like how it came out.

lucky star inlaid

I used gold foil for the stars and matte silver for the word star.

I then splattered water on the card and added embossing powder.  This was a cool technique I just learned for the recent Online Card Class.   I love the splattered look.

I also splattered white paint to give it more of a celestial feel.

Considering this card fought me to the very end, I really like the result.



Thanks for looking at my creation!

Camp Create – Coloring on kraft

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I really wanted to use the My Favorite Things Bundle of Blossoms background stamp for this project.

This is a great project to color while watching (really listening) to tv.

I colored with prismacolor pencils and enhanced with some gel pens.

Coloring on Kraft

For the Thanks I used a soft matte silver cardstock.  It looks white here but take my word for it.



Thanks for looking at my creations.

Camp Create – Fantastic Foiling

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It is time for the Camp Create cards.  I am wayyyy  behind as I was finishing the Online Card Class cards.   So now in two days I will create 5 great cards.



I really like these Camp Create ideas and it makes me try new techniques.   For today I am doing Fantastic Foiling!

I had some Anna Griffin French Inspired Minc Foiling that I thought would be cute with the little chef from My Favorite Things


Souper Cool

The Eiffel Tower and Paris flag are foiled, but you cannot tell by this photo.   Here is a close up to show the colors.

Souper Cool close up

As you can see the tower is red and the flag blue.

Vive La France!!!!


Thanks for looking at my creations!!!!

Online Card Class Heat Wave and SSS July 2016 Card Kit

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Well it comes as no surprise to me that I have been so busy and not inspired to do any cards lately.   However that does not mean that there are deadlines to upload images and new card kits coming. So get a move on girl!!!  I decided to do the homework from the Online Card Class Heat Wave from the SSS July 2016 card kit, killing two birds with one stone.   I had sketched out the ideas for my cards so it was easy to add the techniques from the Heat Wave Class to my ideas.

July 2016 Card Kit 600 revised

Take this kit……and add this class

heat wave

and you get 7 cards from one kit.

one kit 6-9

First day of class taught us some basics on embossing as well as some interesting techniques.   The following card is just simple embossing on watercolor paper.

I tried to get the illusion of leaves floating on some water.  Very Zen like.  Calm.

Leaves on Blue Water Background

Also on the first day of class, they showed us several techniques.  Some I tried, others I wanted too but did not have the time.

The first technique (which I have done before) is embossing a die cut.

In this card I used the paper from the kit that had a lot of triangles.  I added additional triangles and heat embossed an entire die cut.

Triangle Card

I used some WOW copper colored embossing powder.    I stamped some additional triangles that were a scribble look and added some bling.

Here is a close up of the die cut.

Triangle Card closeup

Another technique they used was glitter embossing powder.

I copic colored the small panel underneath and then covered the whole thing with versamark and some glittery embossing powder.

woodgrain card with glittered flowers

It is hard to see how pretty the card looks with the shimmer over the copics.

The final card from day one was embossing on something besides cardstock.   I decided to use wood veneer to make this card.

card embossed on wood veneer

The wood cracked and split on the bottom thru the flower.   I am not sure if the heat was too much for the wood, or if it was a user error.  Most times it is me making a mistake.  I still like the card.  I think the stark white on the wood is very pretty.

On Day Two, Jennifer showed us some pretty techniques that can add detail to your cards.

I used the technique of a small strip of double sided tape and embossed it with pink powder.

Thank you with flower top and bottom border

I masked off the middle and stamped the flowers using a mask so the images did not overlap.  I then colored the card with some colored pencils.

She also showed a technique of splattering water and embossing over the wet area.

I really like this technique.   I took the paper that already had the purple splatters and added gold splatters.

Purple and Gold Splatter

She also did the technique of using a glue pen to make little dots to add additional embossing to fill out a space or enhance an image.  I ended up doing that on the vellum window.

Purple and Gold Splatter closeup

You can see the sequins captured behind the vellum to make this shaker card.

On the last day we learned about ironing off embossing powder to create a look.  But the project that caught my eye was the batik looking card.

I used the stamp set to create a background and embossed in white.   The after the fold and refold process I used three shades of purple distress ink.

Purple Batik Card

I always ask my brother to rank the cards and this was his favorite.  His logic: Today I like purple.

Overall I enjoyed the class and I liked this card kit.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations!


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Holy Smokes! The Hills are on Fire!

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I live in Southern California and basically it is nothing but a dried up desert in the summertime.  So wild fires are a reality for me.   Being in California I get asked a lot about earthquakes, and to be honest fires scare me more.  Do not get me wrong.  I hate earthquakes.  But it is a “less than a minute” shake of terror and then it is over.  Kinda.   But for me fires are this sense of dread and anticipation as it gets closer and closer to my house.  Thoughts of evacuations and losing everything comes to mind.

What started out as a normal SAturday afternoon turned scary.   I noticed the light outside seemed to have a yellow haze to it, but I did not see anything in the sky from the view in my kitchen.

Then I heard a siren.   Then another.

I thought, oh geez, someone’s house is on fire.

Then another siren.

Then a helicopter.   I knew when I heard the helicopter that it was something bigger.

File Jul 11, 5 13 35 PM

I went to the front of the house and I could see that it was indeed a fire.

For those who do not know me, or where I live.  My little neighborhood is butted up against the freeway.  On the other side of the freeway is scrub brush covered hills.  The type of scrub brush that will go up like tinder.   There are also houses located on those hills.

I went back inside and then the helicopter kept going over my house.  They were so loud I swear they were about to land on my roof.

File Jul 11, 5 12 41 PM

The sky kept getting darker and darker and by now there were about 8 helicopters constantly moving around dropping off water.

My brother who worked for Aerospace said, well as long as the DC10 does not come, it means they got it under control.  Those DC10’s cost a million dollar to use, so they have to be serious.

I asked him what it looked like, how would I recognize it.

He said, you will know.  It is a huge huge plane.  There is no mistaking it.

File Jul 11, 5 13 01 PM

The smoke was thick.  The smell was thick and smokey.   The fires seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Then the helicopters increased and I felt like it was a war zone.  One after another going over the house to get to the fire.


Then I saw the BIG plane.   I asked my brother “Is that the DC-10?”   “Yes it is”

Sorry I don’t have a picture.   It had dropped it load when I first spotted it.  Since it is a one drop scenario, it then looped away and fly off.


File Jul 11, 5 12 19 PM

Although this looks bad, it is really much better than it was earlier.

We took a car ride up onto the freeway and saw the flames on the hills.   Even though it was close, I knew if they let us on the freeway, they felt it was safe.

That night I sat outside by my pool, still hearing the helicopters, still smelling the smoke and watching the fine ash floated around me.

I felt better, since it seemed to be under control.

But with fires you never know.

Here it is Monday and the helicopters are still coming but only once in awhile.  I think they check for smothering hot spots to make sure it is out.

I truly admire firefighters.  Such a dangerous job and they risk their lives to help save our homes.   True heroes.  Thank you for doing what you do for all of us!!!